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“The starting point of all achievement is desire”. Napoleon Hill

Demo reel available upon request. 

Is a premium entertainment company comprised of highly qualified film and television professionals with international recognition.  We create original work to the highest standards, going above and beyond the established norms of production without the box thinking and innovative solutions.  Our team excels due to their significant talent, hard work, and a shared extraordinary vision. The partners have regularly worked on projects throughout the world, specifically Mexico, USA, and Europe.

Established in 2010 and specializing in live action, the  production division has grown rapidly to become one of the few established completion bond production companies in Mexico.

Specialists in film business opportunities.
We use several financial, tactical and creative strategies to ensure the maximum potential is realized. We thrive when we are creating worlds and developing new intellectual properties while maintaining a low risk and balanced business approach.   
LP also work for other companies in need of outsourced productions such as supporting development and execution, planning processes which will form the basis for decision-making on enterprise strategy, resource allocation, and investments.

We provide adapted solutions to each particular situation giving a private consultancy.

LP is expanding key business opportunities and decided in 2015 to establish offices in London.

At Lionel Pictures, we strive to make the impossible possible.

Welcome to LP.