Lionel F. Azoulay


The  journey began in the Trade and Investments department at the UK Embassy in Mexico City where my work was focused on the entertainment industry. As a motion picture producer and director, I am best known for having the ability to gather the most talented people and complete the project to the highest standard.   

Responsible for getting involved in all phases of the projects, from inception and development through to completion, commercialization and delivery of the final project.

Experience: More than 200 productions, over 40 shorts and features films. Also produced Documentaries, TV Series, Music Videos and TV Commercials. 
Credits include: El Joven Telaranas, Eden, El Ultimo Aliento, El Eterno Silencio  Exposed, Everyone Else is to Blame, Unnatural Violence, One Day in Paradise, Magic Hands, Incendiar el Cielo, Rastro Criminal, G-Spot.

I have extensive experience in high risk, aerial, terrestrial and underwater filming. Receiving various awards internationally, I regularly attend film festivals such as: Cannes, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Venice, Morelia, Guadalajara, Mar de Plata, London, Tirana, Huelva, Spain, Austria, San Francisco, Paris, Cuzco, Berlin, Palm Springs and Los Cabos among others.

I am the youngest producer in Mexico to become a completion bond company producer, part of a select group of insurable producers ensuring the highest quality deliverables within agreed time limits and costs.

For the past 3 years I have been working on financial strategies, creating various platforms using different financial instruments such as Escrow accounts, trust funds, bonds and letters of credit within diverse financial institutions offering risk mitigation to investors across Mexico, Latin America and Europe.

Managed different types of investment such as: private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, debt and tax incentives from different countries.

Experienced in managing multiple teams in a fast paced environment. 

Always looking for new opportunities.

Additional Interests: Cinematography, Wellness, Environment, Humanitarian Projects, Sports, Motorcycles, Scuba Diving.