How we do business at Lionel Pictures (LP):
From LP's conception, we have been characterized by our reputation and culture of professionalism, ethics, integrity, and excellence around the world.

Each project follows a strict timeline ensuring that our exacting standards are met in a timely manner and within budget, satisfying both investors and clients.

Strong Financial Backing:
We have strategic alliances worldwide and our partnerships with world leading bonding companies and insurers allows us to offer our investors security.

Completion Bond:
The Completion Bond (CB) is a financial tool that provides a guarantee to the producer, co-producer, tax incentive contributor, public funds, distributor, bank and other investors promising the production will be wrapped on time and within budget. The Completion Bond is an important, professional tool for the film industry. Thus, the CB is one of the most effective means to protect investments in film productions.

Tax incentives:
Lionel Pictures is committed to finding the best, most suitable tax incentive for each project depending on their characteristics in order to maximize the potential and financial schemes for the project.

Investor relations:
Lionel Pictures have a strategic management responsibility that is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities.

LP ensures absolute transparency for investors.

Follow up:
Monitoring mechanisms: every 8 days electronic status reports are delivered containing a summary of all activities from the week. Communication is key and calls are made to investors in order to verify any project updates and answer any questions that may arise.

Budget control: we use various financial instruments to guarantee the administration process. The investment of each project is deposited into different bank accounts such as escrow accounts and trust funds depending on the requirements of the project and the location of the production.